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Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Mall Day !$!$ Spending you Cash!$!$

April 13th, 2006 (09:12 pm)

current mood: loved

Mall Day !$!$ Spending your Cash!$!$
woke up to MORE fucking Amazon * SOOOO Fucking Sweet* it was only $100 but I'm now saving the gift certificate I get for a New 37-42 "inc Flat TV for My bedroom I now have all the White gold ! Need *smiles* to go with My New Prague Women's Diamond Collection Swiss Chronograph Watch per school jay JUST got me today (the pink one is still wanting on you to buy for me) so now it's time for Goddess to get that FLAT * BITCH ... Kick the FUCK In pussy boy >>> you will Do as I say and BRAKE yourself *loser* ... LOL Keep Me in ALL the Fly Fly *shit* you now Goddess Rock ALL the NEW NEW SHIT. anyways I headed to the Mall where I got I Very Nice 1/2 ct Ring to make up for Overstock. COM Mess up's on not having the ring in stock * FUCK* anyways Pre school jay had already sent me $1700 in the last few days So why the hell NOT ...LOL I also got a Nice White Gold Bracelet I will update with pictures... later I also kind of killed two birds with one stone buy opening a account that will report and help my credit to being a 690 ..you see I have all bad accounts with none good and you losers have already started to pay my creditors OFF!$! he he so in Due time I will have ALL I want off your LOSS My GAIN .... email me ask how you can Contribute to Pay My credit OFF. loser PUT Goddess into her NEW HOUSE.---->>> Coko-Chanel@Hotmail.com

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Another $900 in My Account ......*smiles*

April 12th, 2006 (09:10 pm)

current mood: depressed

*BAM* pre school jay another $900 sent to My Account ..... Fendi Bag + White Gold Omega keep spoiling me losers My Birthday is days away

UPDATE .... Bluefly on Amazon Sent Me the Wrong Fendi Handbag **** i Looked in the box like What The FUCK is this Now it will be 14days til i see My fendi so so so SAD who will Make me Happy ....you fucking Asswipes

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Just another Day....

April 11th, 2006 (09:00 pm)
current mood: devious

Today was *sweet* day I woke up to MORE Amazon Gift Certificates in My email .... how fucking wonderful is that *smiles* it was $600 in total from two different slaves
As it's getting REAL CLOSE to My Birthday the cash and gifts are NOW off to a good start I find myself adding to My Amazon Wish List everyday *smiles* and you losers Keep on Spoiling the holly FUCK out of Me *smiles* Oh and let me NOT forget My Pre School *dick* jay is NOW my TOP salve boy for the day of 04-12-06 with a outstanding $6,000 in the last 12 days He he he Thanks jay it's been REAL *Sweet* Spending all of MY Money the last Few ... let 's see who will fall behind you LOL anyways went out the rest of the day with friends came back I had * jay* join online Banking so that he May send Goddess Cash next thing you know *BAM* he had sent $800 to My Bank Account not a Bad Day AT All.
Note : I will update with a PO Box Soon so you May Send Goddess Cash for My Birthday .

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

small * dick * jay Stepping up ...

April 10th, 2006 (06:52 pm)

current mood: excited

My small dick jay is stepping up his game today Lol with My Traditional 14-kt. White Gold 1/2-ct Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings and My 14-kt White Gold & 1.0-ct TW Diamond Ring Thanks My small dick boy LOL can't wait to get the rest of MY Money out of your Wallet...*smiles* you know I will Pay My creditors Off your loss My GAIN pre-school *dick* boy make My FICO 900 *Yeah Baby* New House - Investments - SC430 Here I Come let me remind you FUCKERS ... Goddess Birthday is 26 days away get your wallets OUT and Spoil ME * maggot * ...
Here are the website pictures of My *New* gifts i will updated with the real thing day of Delivery . SOOOO * SWEET *
you know you LOVE Me asswipe get to Spoiling ME
Check Out My New Gifts >>>> http://www.spoiledebonygoddess.com/gift.html
and Don't forget to VOTE loser...

THE FUCKING RING WAS SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overstock wow OK.

Mistress Alexus [userpic]


April 10th, 2006 (06:13 pm)

current mood: loved

Goddess had a Wonderful Day yesterday as soon as I got up the UPS guy was at My door he had My *New* 19' LCD Monitor *smiles* from My small dick jay Thanks small boy ... LOL anyways got on the computer and My slave r. had hit me up and asked if he could Spoil Goddess Today * Oh Yeah * he went on how he needs Me and craves Me every night How he would LOVE to be a Cuckold for me well let me make a LONG story short you Know that Prague Watch I was talking about last week ..Well I . GOT IT .... *smiles* + $300 Amazon Gift certificate and a Nice Deposit of 1,000 in My Bank Account Good boy slave r your working your way back to the top *smiles* can't wait to wear My Watch and Bling Bling for my Birthday ....

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Renting and Buying and Investments >>> Contribute and Pay OFF My Credit

April 7th, 2006 (01:36 am)

current mood: hyper

As you all know Goddess will be moving this month *smiles* and I DON'T Plan on Renting no longer than six months then after I will be Buying My 1st New House --->>> BUT it's one thing that will FUCK Me * My CREDIT! * Yes Goddess Has done a lot in My 26 years on this earth to My credit like NOT paying ..LOL and getting More Cards I WENT CRAZY shopping back when I was 19 -22 now it's almost Goddesses 26th Birthday and I'm thinking about OWNING My own Home and maybe some Rental  Property  soon after... *smiles* Now it's Time for you FUCKERS to start PAYING it OFF for My Gain to a NEW HOUSE and Investment Property !$!
Below is a list of Creditors that you NEED to PAY !!
JCPenney Account - year 2000  = $275.80
Sprint PCS Account - year 2001 = $605.81
Robinsons May Account - year 2004 = $87.09
Target Account - year  2002 = $300.00
I'm NOT Paying this SHIT ..LOL *smiles* you are ASSWIPE !!
Click Here >>Email
Me for More Info on How to PAY My Credit OFF !

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

What a FUCKING sissy " BITCH " WHORE " Lol

April 5th, 2006 (12:00 pm)

current mood: giggly

Now this is some FUNNY shit ... Tell Me My slut BITCH how do you wipe you're Ass ...LOL should i start calling you My SHIT slut ?...lol

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Remember to VOTE !!!!

April 4th, 2006 (02:06 am)

current mood: bitchy

NOW !!!!

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Goddess 26th Birtday is All Most Here..!!$!

April 2nd, 2006 (02:10 am)

current mood: mellow

Birthday Countdown Banner</a></p>

Amazon WishList

-------->> Purchased Amazon Items

Time to Spoil Goddess Coko it's Almost My 26th Birthday !!$!

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

(no subject)

April 1st, 2006 (08:43 pm)

current mood: cold

Another LONG Day ...woke up to My Pre-School *dick* jay sending Me another $200 Amazon Gift Certificate aside from the $500 I got a few days ago and the $2500 he has spent with Me on Niteflirt-Keen Goddess LOVE to wake Up to your CASH in My ACCOUNT ...*hint *hint* I got up it was Rain on the ground I was like OH NO not another long rainy day FUCK * LOL * picked up a friend and we headed to K-Mart Goddess had needed some more Hanes HER Way cotton PJ's and there was a *sweet* sale going on after two hours in the Big K and $98 later I was on my way to the * Nail Shop * My Nail guy Danny so SOOOO busy so I went over to My Girl Tina and she hooked me Up BIG Time I think she will be My new nail artist *smiles* Danny has started to LACK on Goddess Nails and I was unhappy the last two times ( and we DON'T wont that ) he he * after the nail shop came home washed My hair (will updated with pictures later ) I was also thinking of going to Starz Gentlemen Club later tonight with a few of My guy friends *lol * i guess they feel a Sexy Goddess as Myself will bring more sexy females to the table ...IF i go i will Update ...
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