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Dental Cosmetic Surgery

Goddess went into the Dentist today and got a few ex-rays , they told Me I will need a bone implant in My lower right gum area .. I was Like WOW a What ...LOL... anyways I will Need Dental Cosmetic Gum Surgery the $ Cost $ 2,000 it will include the pigmentations ( Black Spots on the Gums ) being Done also The bone in My right lower gum area replaced -- $ I was Like FUCK !! ..$. now you Know ! I wont be Paying for This SHIT ...*smiles* when I came home I got online with My Pre - school *dick* jay and I told him what they told Me he told Me NOT to worry he would PAY it in FULL ...... what a Good Fuck boy he is ....he he he .... he has Already Paid for the Consultation $75 and they also told me I will need to Take My Braces Off and that's another $300 So We ALL Know what that MEANS ==== Yep .. Goddess Braces will be for Sale soon I already Have 2 offers of $100 for the full set -- But I think I will sale them one by one to Drain All you you Losers ....FEED MY GREED ...
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