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Mistress Alexus [userpic]

(no subject)

June 11th, 2006 (06:57 pm)

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Mistress Alexus [userpic]

I'm Back !!

May 18th, 2006 (06:22 pm)

current mood: busy




Today has
been a very productive day started out with My hour of YOGA … Yes Goddess is now
doing YOGA and I Love every minute of it. I dedicate one hour a day and I’m
already feeling great!  My body is I little sour But it’s a good sour *smiles*
after YOGA I ran some errands mailed off some letters to the credit bureaus 
 …someone has been using My credit those fuckers somehow got  six accounts NOT
MINE and I have got so far 3 account of FRAUD off My reports yay For ME …… I
hope they Burn in Hell fucking low life …. Anyways after the very long line at
the post office I went over to my PO Box and it was a blank for letter with $200
inside I LOL and people around me looked like damn crazy lady …. Who ever you
are Thanks for the Gas Money and the LOL  …*smiles Next time Say something
with a Bigger Tribute …Think BIG next time loser I know I have not been on
Niteflirt and I do read all your emails so get your wallet’s ready to be RAPED
tonight I will be online for a few hours  8 pm PST.  Oh also I have made yet
again more updates to my site the top banner will eventually be replaced and I
updated My gallery along with My Spoil Me page and with more updates to come
real soon asswipe so check back soon to get even more addicted !! to Me.


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Mistress Alexus [userpic]


May 17th, 2006 (12:25 pm)

current mood: crappy

Today was My Very BAD first day of PMS I am so fucking MAD I was going to go to
Album release party BUT My “ Cramps “ is KILLING ME  This was a Very Not so Good
Day  The End …LOL


Remember to

and Always


Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Dental Cosmetic Surgery Part 2 Braces Removal

April 25th, 2006 (02:23 pm)

current mood: cheerful

I went Back to the Dentist today and Braces are Now OFF ( Thank God ! ) I feel 100% Better and i can Now Start with My Treatment Thanks to My Pre-school *dick* jay another $300 Today for Goddess Removal of My Braces ... (you can see in the Picture below the spots on Goddess gums That will be GONE in a few weeks .... *SMILES* Big Time... Lol i will Update with More on this LATER .... Now i have no braces Goddess will be at Houston's Restaurant tonight ...Wink* Later losers ....

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Dental Cosmetic Surgery

April 24th, 2006 (02:11 pm)

current mood: content

Goddess went into the Dentist today and got a few ex-rays , they told Me I will need a bone implant in My lower right gum area .. I was Like WOW a What ...LOL... anyways I will Need Dental Cosmetic Gum Surgery the $ Cost $ 2,000 it will include the pigmentations ( Black Spots on the Gums ) being Done also The bone in My right lower gum area replaced -- $ I was Like FUCK !! ..$. now you Know ! I wont be Paying for This SHIT ...*smiles* when I came home I got online with My Pre - school *dick* jay and I told him what they told Me he told Me NOT to worry he would PAY it in FULL ...... what a Good Fuck boy he is ....he he he .... he has Already Paid for the Consultation $75 and they also told me I will need to Take My Braces Off and that's another $300 So We ALL Know what that MEANS ==== Yep .. Goddess Braces will be for Sale soon I already Have 2 offers of $100 for the full set -- But I think I will sale them one by one to Drain All you you Losers ....FEED MY GREED ...

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Go VOTE losers !!! Keep Me On TOP !!!

April 22nd, 2006 (06:00 pm)

current mood: relaxed

NOW !!!!

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

Time to STEP UP old Fools young Pre School dick Pay pet in 2nd Rape Rank !!!

April 22nd, 2006 (09:37 am)

current mood: energetic

My Prague Women's Diamond Collection Swiss Chronograph Watch is HERE ........ *sweet* Thanks to My pre-school *dick* jay he has been a Real Good Pay pig to Goddess Over the Last month This micro fucker i Must let you old fools know pre school is 23 yr old and is Spoiling and Doing BETTER then you low life old scumbag fuckers has EVER Done this Pay pet has spent Over $7,000 on Goddess in the last Month ( and it's NOT even My Birthday Yet ....) and Pay pet still has Payment plans for the Months to come ....
Note to Old wanker Fuck boys, sissy BITCHES, Money Slave ,Pay pig's and you old whores Cash cows...!$!$!$ : you old Fuckers Need to STEP UP and start Spoiling... and Guess What? you're Even More of a fucking loser letting a younger pet come in and TAKE your PLACE ....what fucking LOSERS!!!!
i will also be updating My Raped Rank later today and we all know who may come in 2nd Raped Rank ......
Also My Gallery ------->>> Don't ask!-- When I see You Old Fucker Have been Spoiling They will Re Appear All New Pictures like Magic asswipe !!!!

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

~~~~~~Gift Update ~~~~~ and My New PO Box

April 20th, 2006 (11:57 pm)

current mood: You Know What Time it Is ....!

New PO Box for Spoiling and Beg to Serve Tributes and Letters

Ms Chanel PO BOX 61608, Los Angeles Ca, 90061

White Gold from Pre School dick jay.... Spoil Me More micro dick boy ....LOL

Mistress Alexus [userpic]


April 16th, 2006 (10:01 am)

current mood: chipper

Happy Easter !! to ALL My pet's ... Goddess will be OUT most of the day with My BEST Friend Che I will update with Pictures later .......
Here is a Picture of My Best Friend in her new CLS 500 Benz.it Looks SO FUCKING *SweeT*.... HOT HOT HOT!!!!
Picture pulling up on two HOT females in This ... He He i Know .. you WISH LOSER!!!!

Mistress Alexus [userpic]

(no subject)

April 14th, 2006 (09:15 am)

current mood: relaxed

Woke up to MORE Amazon Gift Certificate $200 this time SHIT* I will Have My Flat TV in NO Time .... Thanks NYC foot boy... He He I also have some Sexy High heels for you to BUY ME !$!$
Then I Look at My wish list ..... well here is the picture LOL Don't you LOVE IT......
Pre-School *dick* jay Thanks for all My white gold from My Amazon Wish List Oh and my Fendi Bag *sweet* your Mt True pussy boy micro *dick* fuck, *smiles*

Product Description
Objects of desire... high-fashion contemporary charm bracelet is chic and sophisticated in lustrous 14K white gold. Lustrous shoe, handbag, key and heart shaped charms dramatically dangle on the 7-inch rolo-link bracelet of 14K white gold. Heart shaped lobster clasp with a key accent adds whimsical flair. Average weight: 12 grams.

I will Be Back Later to update on My Day also UPS and FedEx is Due Today and you know what that means !!!!! More TO Come

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